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  1. I like the grid ideal for putting down floor tiles. I like the diagonal pattern for laying down tiles in a bathroom that’s not very big. Have you ever done a diagonal pattern using a grid?

    Mike M

  2. one of my shower walls is out of plumb about half way up ( 4 feet from floor) and about 3 feet out from corner.
    at the top corner is out by 5/8 inch and then slowly become plumb in the corner as it goes towards the floor
    my question:
    it appears I need to build at least a couple if not more wedges that are as thick as 5/8 inch in the corner and then slowly tapering to (zero) where the wall becomes plumb about 36 inches from the corner.

    whats the best way/material to create these wedges so I can apply thinnest in-between them and run a straight edge over then to get this gradual coverage

    If you need more explanation please ask and thanks for your advice

    Russell Agee

    1. Hey Russel, can you contact me directly through email or you can call or text me. Not sure if you have facebook or not? My email is and my number is 218 256 8080.

      I would like to see a pic of the situation. You might be able to attach a 2×4 as a guide on the corner and fill to that with thinset.

      1. Hi! I’m having trouble with cutting around showers bases. Especially the corner ones which are often rounded. Do you have a video on that or are you planning one? Nobody seems to have done it on YouTube or anywhere else.

        The cut is difficult and is one of the most apparent since only silicon will save my imperfections.

        Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


  3. Your video building the shower pan (pt.1), you show putting down tar paper and metal lath. What if I’m building the pan on a concrete floor. Most houses in Arizona are on a slab.
    Thanks! for your help.

    Mike M
    (Formally a Minnesotan)